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U.S. Street Nationals BMP 2023

The Wicked Willies was wild this past weekend at the U.S. Street Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Going to the track untested is normally a recipe for disaster. However, sometimes that’s what you have to do. As the parts we needed did not come in until Wednesday we were not going to be able to do any testing. We loaded up and headed to the track Thursday. That no testing bit us.

First, round of qualifying Friday morning was disasters however, it could have been worse. At the hit of the throttle the car went into some violent tire shake. I lifted and the car settled then I decided to get back into the throttle. Bad idea! Number 7 did not like how aggressive I got getting back into the throttle and decided it not longer wanted to play this game.

So, between Q1 and Q2 my team had to work a little extra hard preparing for Q2. As they had to tear everything down and get it back together and make adjustments to get down the tack for Q2.

The second round of qualifying did not go that well. As the car shook harder and killed the power ugh. So, I got a slow push to the end. After, a long night of discussions thoughts and pondering Jordan made some more adjustments for Q3.

Q3 was not as bad as Q2 as I was able to move about 10 feet for having massive tire shake and the car shutting off for a slow push to the end of the race track again.

The 4th round of Qualifying was a little as Jordan and Larry made some more adjustments and the car was able to get down the track some. The car moved about 10 feet started to shake a little but, was not violent and I was able to drive through it. Moving us to the 7th qualifying spot with a 4.451 at 159mph. So we have a starting point for eliminations on Sunday.

Are day ended on Round 1 of eliminations however, it was a positive note. We were able to reduce the shake and power down the race track to a losing 4.398 at 160.16mph. It might have been a lose but the team made the right changes and we are moving in the right direction. Now, time to do some testing and get ready for PDRA!

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